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    The Southside Festival

    Welcome to the highpoint of Festival season in Europe. Every weekend you’ll find three and four day festivals drawing crowds of a 100,000 people and more. Join us this week as Rachel and I fall off the grid for a few days at the Tuttlingen, German Southside Festival. A place where campgrounds become cities, and […]

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    Journal (28Jun12)

    Upon arrival we exchanged our tickets for a wristband and a …trash bag? Apparently if you returns the trash bag full on your way you got a 10 euro refund on your ticket. Brilliance. We saw people all weekend long scavenging for these grey discarded bags and returning with them full. Hell, 10 bags and […]

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    The Art of Shutterfly

    Hi everyone, this is Rachel! Ron works very hard on the blog every week and he is sad that I don’t contribute more to it. So he wanted me to write about me. While Ron writes about all the things that we do together, I put together the pictures of everything we do together. This […]

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