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    The Southside Festival

    Welcome to the highpoint of Festival season in Europe. Every weekend you’ll find three and four day festivals drawing crowds of a 100,000 people and more. Join us this week as Rachel and I fall off the grid for a few days at the Tuttlingen, German Southside Festival. A place where campgrounds become cities, and […]

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    Journal (28Jun12)

    There are a lot of unique experiences to be had in Europe, particularly cultural ones. You have wine tastings, volksmarches, and spa towns, amongst countless others. For those looking for more extreme excitement you have Okotberfest. But for those really looking for a memorable time, you have the 3 day music festivals that liter the […]

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    The Art of Shutterfly

    Hi everyone, this is Rachel! Ron works very hard on the blog every week and he is sad that I don’t contribute more to it. So he wanted me to write about me. While Ron writes about all the things that we do together, I put together the pictures of everything we do together. This […]

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